In Alignment LLC

Consulting for Transformation

Services for Individuals

We offer a range of services to assist individuals. Some of our popular services are shown below. Please call or email for more information on services, packages, and custom options.

Coaching for Authentic Development

Our executive​ coaching process is unique and holistic.  We foster true partnerships guided by the clients' goals and supported by our collaborative process. Coaching is ideal for the individual seeking to set and achieve specific personal and/or professional goals.

Personal Strategic Planning

This robust, unique process utilizes applicable components of strategic planning for personal transformation. Personal Strategic Planning is ideal for individuals undergoing a significant transition, ie. starting their own business or relocating. It also suits those seeking to transform multiple areas of their lives.


Our ultimate goal is to experience success both professionally and personally. With an emphasis on topics like work-life balance, communication strategies, and family events and traditions,  we assist individuals in strengthening ties with their families, to create a stronger foundation for personal achievement.

Whole Self Care

A transformational, exploratory learning experience! WSC is for those seeking a customized self-care protocol grounded in self-awareness and identity acceptance.  For individuals who are ready to experience ever-increasing levels of renewal and restoration.

These and other services are available to you. Contact us by email or call us at (314) 973-4416 to discuss how we can meet your unique needs.